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The End of the Beginning - Limited Edition #2


She seeks Source.

She weaves her moments in this black universe,
not knowing where it ends and where she begins,
With the promise of a beautiful truth,
Waiting for her at the end of her divine journey.

And so she stumbles in the dark, never knowing why or what she is. She is given glimpses of light in memories—love, joy, clarity, hope. Each sun that sets and rises, bending time to its will, brings in more and more reflections of this light.

She sees pain, she sees rage, she sees others helpless around her, struggling with humanity and having no answers.

But within her stillness, she sees that dark is beautiful.

Because the light is known within it.


The End of the Beginning is our first full length release. Originally released in November of 2011, it was part of a very limited edition box set. You have finally reprinted the album, with some new artwork. This is again a limited release of 300, so get one before we run out again!

Alice emerged from the combination of ideas and musical meanderings of Tash Cox, Gordon Bash and Scott Landes when they were on tour with their other band, Mankind Is Obsolete.


1. End of Times
2. All Is Lost
3. Make Up Your Mind
4. The Trouble With You
5. Truth Of Consequence
6. Roman Candles
7. Time Moves Slowly (Vectors)
8. No More Open Doors
9. Tomorrow Wendy
10. Awaiting
11. Phony
12. Who are You